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We proudly bring to you here in Corralejo a revolutionary system that merges the surfing technique with a training system that enhances the skills that we develop everyday surfing, such as strength, balance, and coordination, all of this we add the possibility of making repetitive movements and progressing thus our surfing technique at a surprising speed, decreasing the learning curve for the most novice surfers, and as a plus, we have the advantage of doing it from a medicinal approach of total injury prevention, its ability to recover from injuries has even been demonstrated with this training as a complement for surfers and/or other athletes from Fuerteventura. Now we offer 3 diferent

Cursos de surf en Fuerteventura

Combine regular surfing lessons in Fuerteventura with this innovative system to enhance your skills and physical conditioning. This system allows you to practice the necessary maneuvers out of the water as many times as you want, activating Neural Stimulation. Through repeated practice, the brain corrects and memorizes each movement, helping you polish and perfect your technique. While exercising, you also strengthen your legs and abdominal area. This system is suitable for everyone, regardless of age, sex, or physical condition, making it an excellent complement to traditional surfing lessons in Corralejo.

 In the Surf sector, it is essential for any initiation to this sport, especially for the Take Off (standing up to catch the wave). What makes it a great complement for surfers who are doing their first surf courses in Fuerteventura, combining real surf lessons in Fuerteventura with drysurf sessions, are a booster for the surfer’s progress in Fuerteventura.

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