DivingThere is a plenty of interesting places to dive in the island for professionals, amauters and beginners. Cliffs, reefs, underwater craters. The underwater world is inhabited by representatives of the African, Caribbean and Mediterranean fauna: fish, trumpet, bass, Canary lobster, parrot fish, bream and sharks. And if you immerse yourself in the autumn and spring time, you can watch as shoals of fish migrate from north to south.

Buggy tour


Buggy tourBoth adults and children will be interesting to ride on a buggy or quad machine on the offroad, along the ocean. Excursion designed for 2 or 4 hours with stops near the craters of volcanoes.

Cycling tour


Cycling tourBicycle's renting is available for those who want to visit the most interesting places on the island.

Orseback riding


Orseback ridingHorseback riding at sunset along the coast of the ocean, . Organized in small groups and accompanied by a professional coach.

Oasis Park


Oasis ParkLocated in the south of the island. The park occupies 80 g, due to this you have the opportunity to see more than 270 different species of animals. The park is divided into the park plants and animals. Every day there are shows of reptiles, birds, parrots show separately, as well as sea lions show.

There are three types of fishing in the island:


There are three types of fishing in the island: - Fishing (amateur) from the shore or a boat.
- Fishing in the sea (trolling).
- Underwater fishing. By the harpoon or without it.
License is required for all types of fishing.
Fish species - atlantic tuna, blue marlin, white marlin, barracuda and many others.

Boat trips on the yacht and catamaran


Boat trips on the yacht and catamaranThere is a variety of routes and just walk on a yacht, catamaran and glass-bottom boat. Stops for snorkeling and swimming are regularly. Some of the routes are located in the areas inhabited by dolphins and even cachalots, as well as the families of rare white dolphins.

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