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Iss surf camp is located in 100 meters from the ocean. It features an outdoor pool and free WI FI. There is the ocean view from the upper terrace. The distance to the centre of the city is 15 min by walking.

Уроки серфинга

5 surf lessons

The training process starts with the determining of your surfing and physical levels.



All the equipment is from the well-known brands and available for all the course of the programm


Sport insurance

All the students are insured by the insurance company Allianz.

Calderon Hondo

Calderon Hondo

The ascent to the crater of an extinct volcano.

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Conquer The Waves With The Right Surfing School

Learning to catch the waves and ride them while perched atop a surfboard can be an exhilarating experience. But before you get to the point where you can conquer the waves you have to learn the basics. This means learning how to feel the rhythm of the waves, knowing exactly when to hop onto your surfboard and practicing how to maintain your balance while cruising to the shore. The best place to start your surfing adventure is with the right surfing school. Founded on 2010, ISS Surf is one of the most reputed surfing schools in the spectacular Canary Islands. Their surfing summer camp is hugely popular, drawing first-time and experienced surfers from all over the world.

At ISS Surf, a surfing class for absolute beginners usually starts with the basic theory on surfing, ocean awareness and safety. This is our highest priority. Once you’ve understood the basics, it’s time to hit the waves and put that theory into practice.

On your first foray out in the water your instructor will teach you the correct technique of how to jump up on the board, how to paddle and get catch a foam wave on your own and how to ride the waves to the shore. As you make progress on the surfboard, you will learn the right techniques to use for turning the board and accelerating. Mastering these moves is key to progressing to the next level of surfing.

At ISS Surf, we believe it’s never too soon or too late to learn to surf. Whether you join our Kids ISS Camp or our adult surfing camp, our fully qualified and highly experienced surf coaches will get you balanced on the surfboard and riding the waves in no time! And because we are located in the Canary Islands, where the temperature and waves are ideal for surfing all year round, you can join our beginner surfing courses any time of the year. As you gain more experience, we’ll be there to help hone your moves and take you to even greater heights.

Don’t let another wave go by. Come join us today at our learn to surf camp and let the fun begin!

Make real your best holidays now!


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